Before Your Visit

Please Read for Updated COVID-19 Protocols and Safety Guidelines prior to your visit

Please note the change of address for both our Atelier, Occasions and Bridesmaids Boutiques. All locations require appointments, please call the Boutique you are interested in directly. 

L’elite Bridal Boutique  137 Newbury St 2nd floor Boston MA,  to schedule your appointment, please call  617.424.1010.

L’elite Bridesmaids Boutique  143 Newbury St 2nd Floor Boston MA,  to schedule your appointment, please call 617.424.1020.

L’elite Occasions Boutique   143 Newbury St 2nd Floor Boston MA,  to schedule your appointment, please call 617.424.1020.  We welcome you to come shop our designer showroom at your convenience.  Due to the high volume of traffic on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we advise you make an appointment to allow our consultants to better serve you.

L’elite Atelier  73 Newbury St 2nd Floor Boston MA, to schedule your appointment, please call  617.424.1080.  Our design team can customize, and adjust your gown to your measurements and create your desired look.  All fees are discussed at the first appointment, to allow us to accurately determine cost.

Make the most of your visit, here are few helpful tips:

  • Know your Budget.    Please inquire with our consultants for selections and options that satisfy all budgets.
  • When to Shop.    Designer gowns may take up to 6 mos. to arrive. Dresses are not made to order therefore some alterations will be needed, please plan on an additional 4-6 weeks
  • Number of guests.   We are an open showroom with limited space. We kindly suggest no more than 3 to attend your appointment, if accommodations need to be made, please do so at the time of your appointment.
  • Pictures are not allowed in the showroom as requested by our designers.  If our bride or bridesmaid has made their purchase we are happy to provide swatches free of charge for your other vendors to match colors, create flower arrangements, etc.
  • What style looks best on me.  No worries!  Our expert consultants will help find your best fit and look for your dream gown.

Thank you and happy shopping, we look forward to seeing you!