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For an emerging set of brides, personalization of a wedding gown off the rack is becoming a popular choice. Symbolizing the bride’s unique style, a gown that’s personalized to her specifications may be the solution for finding the ideal dress—one that others will pine for, but only she will own.

Created from an existing gown bought through a boutique, the bride can combine features from a variety of dresses that she likes, rolling them into one beautiful new gown. She can also add sentimental touches—such as a piece of lace from her mother or grandmother’s wedding gown, a blue heart with her initials and date of the wedding sewn inside the hem for “something blue,” or a multitude of other features that will customize the dress to her exact specifications. The “new” wedding gown that emerges will be one-of-a-kind and all hers.

L’elite Bridal, L’elite Bridesmaids, and L’elite Occasions boutiques proudly offer personalization services for any dress or gown for everyone in the bridal party—from the bride herself, to bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride/groom, and any others who wish to have a unique touch added to their attire for the occasion. Our expert tailors can assist with a range of options and ideas, and for the bride, we can completely customize her wedding gown from scratch with sketches and designs to match her vision. Whether it’s a wedding in a garden or a castle, we’re pleased to lend a hand in making each and every dress, gown, and accessories perfect for this monumental day.

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Photo by Pulse Photography & Design. Adding something “blue” with the hand sewn heart inside of the gown

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Personalizing a gown with the wedding date embroidered on the inside hem


Photo: Amsale  Here’s an example of a dress that has extra fabric over the shoulder for additional support and as a lovely detail of the dress. This type of feature lends support and could be added to any strapless gown

Carolina 3

Dress: Carolina Herrera. The bride could easily personalize this dress by adding a different belt or sash, remove or adjust the length of the sleeves, or change the neckline to suit her specifications.

What’s the process and how long does it take to personalize a wedding gown?

The relationship starts with an initial meeting between the bride and the sales consultant to discuss her vision. Collecting photos of gowns the bride loves are a great starting point and she should bring them to her initial appointment. From there, the bride and her consultant hit the racks—pulling various styles that are similar to what she has in mind in hopes of finding a close match from which they can build upon. This is a great way to weed through options and identify which attributes of gowns that she really cares about.

Once the wedding gown off the rack has been selected, it can be modified in ways that morph it into her vision—adding lace to areas where it currently doesn’t exist; changing the neckline; adding hand-beading to the bodice; the addition or subtraction of sleeves; and of course, nip/tucking everywhere until it fits perfectly and to the bride’s satisfaction.

Simple changes, such as the addition of a belt or sash are another popular option that brides love.  featured an Oscar de la Renta  belt from L’elite Bridal. Here’s the article for more information on bridal sashes.

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Photo Above: Oscar de la Renta.  This beautiful 100 percent silk sash boasts gorgeous scroll thread work embroidered on a double-faced satin ribbon sash with a tie back. Photo Below: Marchesa.  Crystal and beaded belt. Belt and sash options can be found at L’elite Bridal. 



V 1406 AMELIE (1)


Photo: Peter Langner The veil as shown here, could have a small swatch of sentimental lace from a loved one sewn into it, making it more sentimental for the bride. 

After the “new” wedding gown has been completed, accessorizing is next. As mentioned above, even these items can be personalized to suit the bride’s taste. Whatever the need, L’elite Bridal, Bridesmaids, and Occasions boutiques have experienced sales consultants and top-notch tailors that are ready to assist you with finding and personalizing your wedding dress and your wedding party’s attire when you are. Please call (617) 424-1010 to schedule your appointment, and we’d be thrilled to help you turn your wedding gown and bridal party ideas into a reality.

Congratulations on your engagement and many happy wishes for your future.


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