Neckline News

We’ve all seen this a million times: Kate Middleton’s custom bridal gown designed by Sarah Burton, featuring hand-made Irish and French lace, ivory silk gazar and 58 organza covered buttons.  But no one remembers those details.  Kate has been credited with bringing sleeves back into bridal fashion.  But let me tell you, our brides beg to differ! 

More and more, we have brides coming through our doors with heavy opposition to strapless gowns.  They want a strap, a cap sleeve, a one shoulder… And every girl who wants sleeves insists that it has NOTHING to do with Princess Kate.

Trends tend to come full circle.  Strapless dresses really only came into fashion in the early 2000s.  Even in the 90s, girls we’re doing a lot of off-the-shoulder, cap sleeves, and even a lot of long sleeves.  Now that we are into the 2010s, more girls are asking for a strap, sleeve, or something to cover their shoulders.  This trend was evident at Bridal Week back in April…
Many designers got into the illusion neckline trend and created some beautiful high neckline dresses. 
Lian Carlo

We like this look because it is elegant, but still not too covered.  You’re still showing a little skin under that lace.  It brings the gowns to something a little more traditional, but still young and fashion-forward.

V-necks have always been a good look for a lot of girls.

Oscar de la Renta

Lian Carlo

A v-neck does a nice job of framing one’s collar bones.  It’s something to look into if you have a beautiful, and even broad but toned shoulders.  They’re also worry-free (Although, we are always remind our brides not to rule out strapless for this reason.  With good alterations, that dress is not going anywhere!) and comfortable!

A few designers included one-shoulders in their collections.  We’ve had mixed feelings about the one shoulder.  While it’s super trendy and can be very flattering (again, this is great if you have pretty collar bones), some brides just aren’t catching on. 

Carolina Herrera


Finally, and of course, there are a few full sleeve gowns.  This one by Monique Lhuillier is stunning!!!

Monique Lhuillier

It’s classic, elegant, and traditional.  We’re wondering, though, is the full sleeve look too traditional, is it too trendy or is it falling somewhere in the middle?

Now don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with strapless dresses.  In fact, we feel that this time, the designers are catching up with the demands of the brides for once.  Our heads are usually spinning wondering, “Why would they EVER try to sell that?!”  Now we have, “Why won’t they give us more dresses with sleeves?!”  Congratulations, Brides!  You’ve dictated the trend this time around.  Keep up the good work!