Amsale Bridesmaid: Make Everyone Shine

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(above) Amsale Bridesmaids dresses with a variation in neckline to suit any bridesmaid style and comfort.

Amsale Bridesmaids Trunk Show at L’elite Bridal, February 19-21, 2016

 See the Latest Bridesmaids Styles That’ll Make EVERYONE Shine

If you’re like many of us, at some point in your life, you’ve had the honor of being a bridesmaid in several of your friend’s weddings. But, why are the dresses still lingering in the back of your closet collecting dust? Given the price tag, you’ve convinced yourself there must be something worth salvaging from the dress to offset the expense. But let’s be real. After wearing that dress for your friend’s wedding, it’s never going to see the light of day again…ever (does “27 Dresses” with actor Katherine Heigl ring a bell?).

The era of the tragically ugly, poorly designed bridesmaids dresses are over thanks to acclaimed bridal designer, Amsale Aberra. Like a breathe of fresh air, Amsale has answered the prayers of bridesmaids of every age, shape and style. Her unique collection features a range of fabrics—sequin, tulle, chiffon, lace and jersey—and dress styles in ombré hues that work well together while lending individuality. Now every bridesmaid in the wedding party can select the look she loves, while remaining congruous with the rest of the party. Pure brilliance.

The icing on the cake? Since each bridesmaid selects her own style and fabric of the dress, she’ll most likely repurpose and wear it again. Given the impeccable designs and sumptuous fabrics used in all Amsale creations, it’s easy to take a long chiffon gown and have it shortened to wear to a cocktail party. No “buyer’s remorse” here.

As luck would have it, L’elite Bridal is hosting a trunk show featuring the Amsale Bridesmaids collection Friday, February 19-21st! Gather your ‘maids and see these extraordinary styles for yourselves. Please call (617) 424-1010 to schedule an appointment so that you and your party will have ample time and attention to find your new favorite dress that you’ll be honored to wear down the aisle (and then to the next office party).

Here’s a sampling of the dresses and gowns featured in this exciting collection. Please note that this is a representation of the dresses and that everything shown here may not be included in the trunk show. Enjoy…

chiffon amsale bridesmaids

Chiffon Amsale bridesmaids

sequin london amsale bridesmaid sequin amsale bridesmaid honora sequin amsale bridesmaid

Amsale bridesmaid sequin :  (left) London in Gold,   (center) Leona in Rose Gold,   (right) Honora in Gold. 

Halter-top-tulle-bridesmaid-dress-amsale-bridesmaids-aliki-348x522 G923U-Fawn-348x522 Bridesmaid-dress-in-rose-tulle-amsale-bridesmaids-348x522

Amsale Bridesmaids in Tulle:   (left) Aliki in Latte,  (center) G923 in Fawn,   (right) Alyce in Rose. 

G787C-Opal-348x522-1 G782C-Blush-348x522

Amsale Bridesmaids in Chiffon create an ombre look: (above left) G787 in Opal,  (above right)  G782 in Blush,  (below left) G949 in Fawn,  (below right)  GA107 in Shell.

G939C-Fawn-348x522 GA107C-m-348x522

G873C-Coral-348x522 G878C-Coral-348x522 GA111C-m-348x522
 Amsale Bridesmaid Chiffon all in Coral: (left) G873 short,  (center) G878 long,  (right) GA111 printed chiffon. 

G875C-Orchid-348x522 GA107C-Orchid-348x522 G662C-m-348x522

Amsale Bridesmaids Chiffon: (left) G875 in Orchid,  (center) GA107 in printed chiffon Orchid, (right) G662 Maternity in Violet

G950-in-raisin-348x522 G932-Raisin-348x522 Lace-bridesmaid-dress-with-illusion-neckline-amsale-bridemaids-chantal1-348x522

Amsale Bridesmaids in Lace and Tulle all in Raison:  (left) G950,  (center) G932,  (right) Chantal.

G964L-in-Navy-back-348x522 G839L-Navy-348x522 Navy-strapless-lace-bridesmaid-dress-amsale-filipa-348x522

Amsale Bridesmaid in Lace all in Navy: (left) G964,  (center)  G839, (right)  Filipa. 

 G869-Navy-348x522 G871-Navy-348x522

Amsale Bridesmaid in Lace and Jersey both in Navy:  (left) G869,  (right) G871.

G633J-m-348x522 G870-Black-348x522

Amsale Bridesmaid in Jersey both in Black:  (left) G633,  (right)  G870 in Jersey and Tulle.

The Amsale Bridesmaid collection allows every woman in the bridal party to uniquely shine and show her individuality. This is a trunk show you won’t want to miss. If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, we’d love to hear your stories—care to share?

We look forward to seeing you.


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